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What is Flemish bond

Flemish Bond

A kind of decorative wall.
A type of wall that is not plastering.
Are weaker than English bonds for load-bearing wall construction But stretcher bonds are more powerful.
But English bond is stronger than Flemish bond. It is also claimed that Flemish bond is better in appearance than the English bond.
The disadvantage of using Flemish bond is that construction of Flemish bond is difficult.

Wall characteristics

From the front face Look when Flemish Pattern Looks like. The same type of stretcher and header is set alternately.
Every stretcher has an Above and Underneath header
Queen close is used to maintain lap length

Advantages of Flemish wall

  • Being elegant.
  •  No need for plastering.
  • Can be used to build towers.

Disadvantages of Flemish wall

  •  Lack of energy.
  • High cost.

Flemish bond type 2 make

• Double Flemish Bond
• Single Flemish Bond

But when we call the Flemish bond we mean the double Flemish pattern. The minimum width that a Flemish bond can bind is the width of a single stone. But the minimum width that a single Flemish bond can bond is 1 1/2 stone.
The Flemish pattern is seen on both the front and back faces of the double Flemish bond. But the front of the single Flemish bond only shows the Flemish pattern, while the back of the wall is the English bond pattern.

Flemish bond ”L” joint

Flemish bond ”T” joint

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