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Cement block stone wall

Cement block stone wall


According to SLS 855 n three standard dimensions production
The SLS 855 comes in three standard dimensions.

There are three main types of production.

  • Solid Cement Block Stone
  • Hollow Block Cement Stone
  • Celluler Cement Block Stone

Solid cement block stone

It is relatively heavier than hollow Block stones. Used for Load Bearing Wall and Non-Load Bearing Wall.

Hollow Block cement stone

This creates two or more holes applied from one side to the other. This brick is more advantageous. Lighter in weight.
When joining the walls, their holes are arranged vertically. The Holes Into. Filling of concrete and the use of knobs can strengthen the wall. And by inserting the wire into the holes Can be used for the work of a tower. It also acts as a sound insulator because of the holes. The stone is also used in the construction of apartments due to wall weight decreasing.

Celluler Cement Block Stone

These stones are made with holes so as not to dig out. This will keep the volume unchanged. Made to reduce density. These are commonly used for non-load walls. Also used for split walls in apartment buildings. Thereby To The Ground Floor can reduce weight.

Advantages of Cement block stone wall design

 In less time, you can build the wall faster.
The cost is low.
The brick wall is equal to or greater than or strengthening.
If the finish is good, there is no need for plastering.
Stone production is easy.
Raw materials for this purpose are easily available.

Disadvantages of Block Stone wall construction

 The walls are too hot.
 Binding and handling of walls is difficult because the stone is large and heavy.
Parts of the stone required for the construction of the wall have to be made specially.

Things to Consider When Tying block Stone

The cement mixing ratio of cement to sand should be in the ratio of 1: 5 to 1: 8.
 Similar measurements and stones should be applied to each wall.
block Stone Parts manufactured at the bending edge should be used.
 If the joints of both faces are perfectly aligned, these walls can be painted without plastering.
Pay attention to the straightness of the wall.
The lap length must be maintained correctly

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