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     Sanhok (Codename: Savage) is the 3rd playable map but the 4th map for BATTLEGROUNDS is an island of 4x4km compared to other maps of sanhok 8x8km.  BANTLEGROUNDS The first map to implement a dynamic circle is sanhok.  This dynamic circle will calculate how many players are alive and how fast or slow the blue zone will be throughout the match.  Development of this map began sometime in 2017, and in March 2018, PC Gamer was given the privilege to publish / reveal the map.  One month later, on April 2, 2018, PUBG Corp created a new single client called "PUBG: Experimental Server" for testing Sanhok.  The client was originally only invited to the server (when you needed a key to download the client), it was only accessible to content creators and PUBG partners, and due to community turmoil, PUBG Corp later opened it to all owners of PUBG on Steam.  Codename: Savage Experimental Client consists of four stages of testing, optimization of bugs, errors and map.  Later that summer, on June 22, 2018, it went live on PC, and then on September 4, 2018 (launch 1.0) it was released for xbox one.

      Sanhok is the first map that PUBG Corp's art team has visited, especially for world art development.  Being physically out in the woods and mountains in a humid Asian country, they could not only imagine what the new map would look like, but they could feel the breeze, smell the air and hear the sound.  All of these experiences help to create a unique map experience for the team.  The map is inspired by the various islands of Thailand and the Philippines, PUBG art group;  Featuring technical artists, concept artists and 3D environment artists, they took photos (photography) to capture the island and transfer it to the game engine to create Sanhok.


  • Ban Tai
  • Camp Alpha
  • Camp Bravo
  • Camp Charlie
  • Ha Tinh
  • Khao
  • Pai Nan
  • Tat Mok

Major landmarks

  • Cave
  • Bhan
  • Bootcamp
    • Camp Alpha
    • Camp Bravo
    • Camp Charlie
  • Docks
  • Lakawi
  • Mongnai
  • Na Kham
  • Resort
  • Tambang
  • Temple/Ruins
  • Quarry

These are the vehicles that you can find on Sanhok.




Vehicle Motorcycle.png


Vehicle Scooter.png


Vehicle Buggy.png


Vehicle Rony.png


Vehicle PG-117.png


Vehicle Aquarail.png


Vehicle C-130.png


Sanhok features the following weapons:
Icon weapon AUG A3.png AUG A3
Icon weapon AWM.png AWM
Icon weapon M762.png Beryl M762
Icon weapon Deagle.png Deagle
Icon weapon Flare gun.png Flare Gun
Icon weapon Groza.png Groza
Icon weapon Kar98k.png Karabiner 98 Kurz
Icon weapon M16A4.png M16A4
Icon weapon M24.png M24
Icon weapon M249.png M249
Icon weapon HK416.png M416

Icon weapon UZI.png Micro UZI
Icon weapon Mk14.png Mk14 EBR
Icon weapon Mk47Mutant.png Mk47 Mutant
Icon weapon P18C.png P18C
Icon weapon M1911.png P1911
Icon weapon M9.png P92
Icon weapon QBU88.png QBU
Icon weapon QBZ95.png QBZ95
Icon weapon NagantM1895.png R1895

Icon weapon Saiga12.png S12K
Icon weapon Winchester.png S1897
Icon weapon SKS.png SKS
Icon weapon SLR.png SLR
Icon weapon Skorpion.png Skorpion
Icon weapon Thompson.png Tommy Gun
Icon weapon UMP.png UMP45
Icon weapon VSS.png VSS Vintorez
Icon weapon Vector 01.png Vector

Icon weapon Win94.png Winchester Model 1894

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