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PUBG Development

                                                                                                 Game creator brendan

            The game's concept and design was guided by Brendan, whose online handler, PlayerUnknown, had previously created a branch of ARMA 2 mod DayZ: Battle Royale, the popular mod DayZ, and was inspired by the 2000 Japanese film. When he created DayZ: Battle Royale, he lived in Brazil for several years as an Irish photographer, graphic designer and web designer and played video games such as Delta. Power: Black Hawk Down and the American Army. While Dez Maud gained his interest as a realistic military simulator and its open game, he began to learn programming while playing with a custom server. Found that most multipurpose first person shooters are repetitive. Maps are small and easy to memorize. He wanted to create something with a high random profile so that the players didn't know what to expect. This was done by creating large maps that were not easily done
              Using memorization and random placement of items.  Green The Days was inspired by an online game called Survivor GameZ, which fought a number of Twitch and YouTube streamers.  Since he was not a transporter, Greene wanted to create an equal playing style that anyone could play.  His most recent attempts at this stupid, inspired by The Hunger Games novels, will see players compete for a central weapon.  The location, but only partially departed, gave the players a better chance of survival by spreading arms around them, as well as avoiding copyright issues with novels.  But his inexperience in coding has led him to use round-the-clock protection instead of up to the battlefield.  Interested in Green's work, he was brought in as a consultant for the development of the H1Z1, which gave him the license for the War Royal concept.  In February 2016, sony online split H1Z1 into two separate games, survival mode H1Z1: Just Survive, and Battle Royale H1Z1: King of Kill, and Green's consultancy time is over 151.  Huge multiplayer online games for personal computers led by Chang-han Kim (massively multiplayer online games -MMOs) developed by Seoul-based studio Ginno Games, a major MMOs and mobile game publisher in South Korea Bluehole acquired and named Bluehole Ginno Games in January 2015.  Kim recognized that producing a successful game in South Korea would usually be published globally, and wanted to use his team to create a successful title for personal computers that follow a format similar to other mobile games published by Bluehole.  He was already excited about playing some kind of war royal game after he played Day DayZ.  He wanted to do this
                With an early working model and a very limited development schedule to get rid of the game as quickly as possible, the product is considered a "service as a game" model and can be supported for many years.  On July 16, 2017, Bluehole partnered with social media platform Facebook to provide exclusive streaming content for Facebook's gaming channels.  Soon after Green left, Sony Online contacted Kim to give him a chance to work on a new war royal concept.  Within a week, Green flew to Bluehole Headquarters in Korea to discuss the options, and a few weeks later became Bluehole's creative director.  He went to South Korea to oversee the development.  According to Green, this is the first time a Korean sports studio has brought in a foreigner for a creative director role, and despite the risks, he says his relationshipwith Bluehole's management is strong.This allows Green's team to work independently with minimal supervision.  The main theme of the game is composed by Tom Salta.  Development began in early 2016 and was announced publicly in June, with plans to have the game ready within a year.  Kim served as executive producer.  Bluehole started with a team of 35 developers and expanded to 70 by June 2017.  Green said many of these developers have volunteered more time for the game because of their commitment to the project, not from any mandate from him or Bluehole management. As interest in the game grew, Bluehole transformed Battlegrounds' entire development into a Bluehole Ginno Game in September 2017, with PUBG as its CEO.  Continuing the growth of the game and its marketing and growth, PUBG Corporation opened a US office with plans for the future of Europe and Japan.  In August 2018, PUBG launched the "FUX PUBG" campaign, which acknowledges that the game already has some durable bugs and other performance issues.  PUBG concluded in November that it was successful because everything listed was already in place.  In March 2019, Green announced that he would step down as the chief creative officer of the game but still serve as a creative consultant.  With Green's relocation to PUBG's studio in PUBG special projects Amsterdam, he will be replaced by Tae-seok Jang, the sport's artistic director.  Green said he believes the main battlefield team is in a position to move forward.developing the game in the direction he had set to keep the game unique among the other battle royale games it had launched, and he wanted to try something not tied to battle royale but still multiplayer-based. The move also put him closer to his family in Ireland

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