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PUBG Erangel Map

      Erangel is the first and primary playable map of BATTLEGROUNDS.  Erangel's development began in early 2016 when Bluehole was talking about playing Battle Royale with PLAYERUNKNOWN.  Later that year, PLAYERUNKNOWN asked its fans (immediate access to Arma 3 Battle Royale players) and his newly announced game, June-September 2016 (Pre-Alpha (NDA)) and then Alpha (No NDA) October-December 2016  Duo's and Squad's to PUBG during the month.  The closed beta took place a few months later, in February-March 2017 (most content creators had access to this build), and in March of that month, it launched on Steam's original entry on March 23, 2017, and the full release (outside of the original entry) on December 21  , 2017 (Initially, the game was supposed to be 6 months away from the original entry on March 23).

        Erangel is a fictional island in the Black Sea, abandoned near Russia.  military occupation carried out chemical / biological experiments on the local population.  The island had to be abandoned following a resistance attack on a biological site.  Erangel was originally occupied by Soviet troops from the 1950s and was used as a military inspection center, explaining the military base as well as the hospital and storage facilities.  A local resistance movement fought to recapture the island, which eventually led to the abandonment of the island.  The emitters used to contain cities showing signs of rebellion against the Soviet forces power the island's devastating electric field.

Erangel (Remastered)

       Erangel's development began in early 2016 when Bluehole was talking about playing Battle Royale with PLAYERUNKNOWN.  Years later, in 2019, Erangel received a visual update.  Other maps, like sanhok and vikendi, have received an Erangel (redesigned) or Erangel visual update to bring it to a level of polish.  At its inception, Erangel was never built around the voltage (a feature introduced later in development) and now the ledge grasp (released in this visual update) is built around this map.

        Erangel is the basic map of the game.  The 8x8 km map is comprised of small buildings and the distance between the main landmarks requires the use of vehicles to move between areas.  As the game continues, the map area is limited to smaller and smaller play areas.  From time to time a red circle will appear on the map, marking a bombing area.  Erangel has different weather conditions, sometimes affecting visibility and requires a change of tactics.  There are plenty of good spoils in the city and local military camp, but you won't be the only one thinking the same thing.  A combination of urban areas and wide open farms causes a variety of battles, from intense firefighting in the streets and buildings to long-range sniping duel across wheat fields.  The name Erangel was chosen using the inspiration of PRAYERUNKNOWN's daughter, Eryn.

Major citiesEdit

  • Georgopol
  • Novorepnoye
  • Pochinki
  • Yasnaya Polyana

Minor citiesEdit

  • Gatka
  • Kameshki
  • Lipovka
  • Mylta
  • Primorsk
  • Rozhok
  • Severny
  • Stalber
  • Zharki

Major landmarksEdit

  • Stalber
  • Sosnovka Island
  • Sosnovka Military Base




Vehicle Motorcycle.png

Motorcycle (w/ sidecar)

Dacia 1300

UAZ (Open Top)

UAZ (Closed Top)


Vehicle PG-117.png





Erangel  features the following weapon

Icon weapon AUG A3.png AUG A3
Icon weapon AWM.png AWM

Icon weapon M762.png Beryl M762
Icon weapon Crossbow.png Crossbow
Icon weapon Deagle.png Deagle
Icon weapon Flare gun.png Flare Gun
Icon weapon Groza.png Groza
Icon weapon Kar98k.png Karabiner 98 Kurz
Icon weapon M16A4.png M16A4
Icon weapon M24.png M24

Icon weapon M249.png M249
Icon weapon HK416.png M416
Icon weapon UZI.png Micro UZI
Icon weapon Mini14.png Mini 14
Icon weapon Mk14.png Mk14 EBR
Icon weapon Mk47Mutant.png Mk47 Mutant
Icon weapon P18C.png P18C
Icon weapon M1911.png P1911
Icon weapon M9.png P92

Icon weapon R45.png R45
Icon weapon Saiga12.png S12K
Icon weapon Winchester.png S1897
Icon weapon Berreta686.png S686
Icon weapon SCAR-L.png SCAR-L
Icon weapon SKS.png SKS
Icon weapon SLR.png SLR
Icon weapon Sawed-off.png Sawed-off
Icon weapon Skorpion.png Skorpion

Icon weapon Thompson.png Tommy Gun
Icon weapon UMP.png UMP45
Icon weapon Vector 01.png Vector
Icon weapon Win94.png

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