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             Green was part of Microsoft's press conference at E3 2017, and announced that it would be coming to the Xbox One by the end of 2017 as a Battlegrounds-specific console.  To test it, the Xbox Game Preview used the original login entry.
                     Initially, Green said Microsoft port was not directly involved, but only provided assistance to ensure that the port was good, and most port responsibilities were developed by the Spanish developer And that developer Anticto does.  However, at Gamescom that year, Bluehole confirmed that Microsoft Studios will be releasing the Xbox One version of the title, which will help make a planned 2017 release for this version.  Green said Microsoft's support not only helps the Xbox One version, but also improves the performance and security of the Windows version.  Microsoft Leads the Project Nico Bihary said Battlegrounds was viewed by Microsoft as an important project to showcase their company's ability to become a publisher.  Bihary said they had been given Battlegrounds "white glove" treatment by the high-tech team for the Xbox One port and were given time and support by The Coalition, another subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.  Kim said the team was interested in playing cross-platform versions of the Windows and console versions, but did not expect it to be a release, because keyboard and mouse players should decide how to minimize their benefits.  Using the controller.
                 The original version of the Xbox One, dubbed "Game Preview Edition", was released on December 12, 2017, in both digital and physical.  The Xbox version also includes the Xbox Special Game's beauty items, some of which can be purchased directly through the game's crates but not directly.  The official launch of the Sports Preview program took place on September 4, 2018.

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