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Icon weapon UMP.png

Firing mode                    Normal/ Full Auto
Map                                 Miramar, , Erangel
AMMO                            9mm
Damage                           39
Magazine Capacity         30
Range                              100-300
Bullet Speed                    400m/s
Fire Rate                          0.092s

Body Damage (10 meters)

Level 0                   39

Level 1                   27.30

Level 2                  23.40

Level 3                 17.50

Headshot Damage (10 meters)

Level 0                  70.20

Level 1                  49.10

Level 2                 42.10

Level 3                 31.50

The UMP45 deals the second highest damage of all the SMGs, right behind the Tommy Gun, making it a very viable late-stage gun when fitted out with attachments. Its already controllable recoil can be reduced even further with a foregrip and compensator, although stealthy players may opt for a suppressor instead since it already has minimal recoil to begin with.


The following are attachable to this firearm:

Lower Rail -

Image Name
Icon attach Lower AngledForeGrip.png Angled Foregrip (AR, SMG, DMR)
Icon attach Half Grip.png Half Grip
Icon attach Lower LaserPointer.png Laser Sight
Icon attach Light Grip.png Light Grip
Icon attach Thumb Grip.png Thumb Grip
Icon attach Lower Foregrip.png Vertical Foregrip

Magazines -‎

Image Name
Icon attach Magazine Extended Medium.png Extended Mag (Handgun, SMG)
Icon attach Magazine ExtendedQuickDraw Medium.png Extended QuickDraw Mag (Handgun, SMG)
Icon attach Magazine QuickDraw Medium.png QuickDraw Mag (Handgun, SMG)

Muzzle ‎-

Image Name
Icon attach Muzzle Compensator Medium.png Compensator (SMG)
Icon attach Muzzle FlashHider Medium.png Flash Hider (SMG)
Icon attach Muzzle Suppressor Medium.png Suppressor (Handgun, SMG)

Sights‎ -

Image Name
Icon attach Upper Aimpoint2X 01.png 2x Aimpoint Scope
Icon attach Upper 3x.png 3x Backlit Scope
Icon attach Upper 6x.png 6x Scope
Icon attach Upper Canted sight.png Canted sight
Icon attach Upper Holosight.png Holographic Sight
Icon attach Upper DotSight 01.png Red Dot Sight

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