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PlayStation 4

           With the release of the Xbox, PUBG Corporation announced that it plans to port to additional platforms such as PlayStation 4.   In an interview shortly after Gamescom, Green said that their deal with Microsoft did not exclude the PlayStation 4 port, but they focused on Windows and Only on the Xbox One version and by their small size. When asked about it in January 2018, Kim stated that the team was originally Steam and The Xbox Game Preview has released the first entry programs.  Because both of them are easy to release and updated over the course of the developed game, this is quite different from Sony's lack of.  Their own Early Admission Program as well as their stringent quality control for completed games.   The playStation port was officially announced in November and released on December 7, 2018.  BUB Corrigan, head of studio at PUBG Corporation, said they had worked with a small group of PlayStation 4 port for some time and only up to Xbox One. The port was mostly filled because they started working on the PlayStation port completely.  The playStation 4 version of the game includes customization items that are exclusive to the platform, notably the Nathan Drake suit from the untitled series and Ellie's Backpack from The Last of Us. Jordan Vogt-Roberts directed a short live action film promoting the PlayStation 4 release and starring Jason Mitchell.  After a trial period in the previous month, in October 2019, cross-platform game support was added to the Battlegrounds Xbox and PlayStation versions.

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