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Battlegrounds represents the "final version" of what Green believes is the "battle royale" concept, which incorporates elements he has created in previous iterations.  Compared to ARMA and H1Z1, the Unreal engine4 can be developed with game engine and made from proprietary game engines.  Green acknowledged that implementing the size of Battlegrounds maps is one of the challenges of working with hazards, and such maps are not designed with that in mind.  The game is designed to be a blend of ARMA 3's realistic imitation and H1Z1's Arcade-like focusing and player accessibility.  To prevent fraud in the game, the game uses the "BattlEye" anti-cheating software, which permanently bans more than 13 million players by October 2018.  BattlEye pointed out that 99% of all fraud software for the game is made in China.
                  Based on the experience of the Green variety, an island with many topographic features was selected as the first map, known as "Erangel".  The scope of map design was to give players many options for strategic and unique games.  Some buildings and structures were designed to depict the brutal style of the Soviet Union in the 1950s.  The developer team looked at both architectural elements and random item positioning systems, how they met in close proximity, and open areas.  The goal is to properly distribute the tools and equipment and position them across the map, encouraging players to make strategic decisions about how to proceed in the game without penalizing too much for players who can't find weapons in the first few minutes of a round.  [6] During the first approach, additional maps were designed, such as one set of fictional islands in the Adriatic Sea, including the snow-capped Yugoslavian region.  Greene said that despite their goals for the game, Erangel thought the map was unpopular and sought to create more integrated ideas with future maps.
                   Releasing a plane at the beginning of every match was a new feature of the genre, encouraging strategies for players to stay with their pack or find their own way to a better chance of finding a good booty.  Green considered that there were three distinct sub-games on the battlefield: the best time to jump on the runway and quickly figure out where to join the other players.  Fight with the best equipment and other players.  The winner of a competition is greeted with the phrase "winner winner chicken dinner".  Greene used it in his pre-war royal games, and put it on the battlefield, dating back to the Great Depression era.
                    It allows players to use skins in the real world.  Greene has identified the problem of skin gambling, and he believes that Valve has put in place protective measures to support the "skin economy" that will continue to generate income for them without any regard to gambling.  Battlefield cosmetics began to be used as virtual currency, and in November 2017, other games were "pay-to-win"  Following the controversy over the use of loot boxes for gift packs, PUBG Corporation has certified that new cosmetics that continue to benefit from game basket purchases will continue to be added, but never received.  Players still abuse the system by selling for value through party platforms  In May 2018, PUBG Corporation disabled the ability to trade skins in the steam market, as it was found to be in use.  Contributed to sales rewards pool.  Among the robberies were special costumes inspired by the original Battle Royale film.  Although there is "no serious lore" to the narrative, Green hopes to add a propaganda mode with the help of cooperative players, as compared to similar methods for Watch Dogs.
          The game also has custom gamemod and modding support.  He considered modding to be an essential part of a full release, just like he started with Mods, he wanted to allow others to make changes to his game in order to find "the next player unknown".  This enabled silent release of custom client support for a number of powerful streams, which later became public.
 This was supported by the silent release of custom client support for a number of powerful streams, which later became public.  At one point, "Zombie Mode", with the exception of the four players, all appeared to be zombies, perhaps distinguishing themselves by removing all clothing and collecting weapons and consumables, collecting all the gear, and defeating the zombie.  Be quick to attack the other four players who can try.  Inspired by this, Green planned to launch an official zombie-based game on the battlefield.  While most of the rest of the team continued to develop basic games and maps, the Green Zombie Model is taken as a stand-alone project, and the Green Battlefield is seen as a platform where players would like to see improved game types and mods.  Green wants to integrate the game with streaming services such as Twitch so it can be replayed or other features that can be treated as a Battlegrounds playground.  This is known as his ultimate goal. Improvement, but he wanted to let it play out naturally with the players.

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