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Firing mode                   Normal/ Full Auto
Map                                Miramar, Sanhok,Erangel
AMMO                          7.62
Damage                         48
Magazine Capacity       30
Range                            100-400
Bullet Speed                 715m/s
Fire Rate                       0.100s

For comrades-in-arms.
Body Damage (10 meters)

Level 0             47

Level 1             34.30

Level 2             29.40

Level 3              22

Headshot Damage (10 meters)

Level 0                115.10

Level 1                80.60

Level 2                69

Level 3                51.80

A powerful assault rifle that uses 7.62mm ammunition, this rifle does more damage than the 5.56mm assault rifles and comes with a kick to match. In regards to attachments, the AKM is identical to the M16A4 in that it can only accept a muzzle, magazine and sight attachment. It is best used in single-shot mode except when attempting to breach buildings with it.
At close to medium ranges, it is notable in that even if a target is wearing a military vest and/or Spetsnaz helmet, it only takes a maximum of five shots to kill. It is also capable of killing a Spetsnaz helmet wearer in two shots by landing a shot on the head, then finishing them off with another shot to any other part of their body.
The AKM will deal maximum damage within 50 meters, beyond that distance damage will continually decrease out to 290 meters. Thus, it is not recommended to engage sufficiently armored players at longer ranges as the recoil and lower bullet velocity compared to other rifles will prove landing consistent hits difficult.


The following are attachable to this firearm:

Magazines -‎

Icon attach Magazine Extended Large.pngExtended Mag 
Icon attach Magazine ExtendedQuickDraw Large.pngExtended QuickDraw Mag 
Icon attach Magazine QuickDraw Large.pngQuickDraw Mag 

Muzzle -‎

Icon attach Muzzle Compensator Large.pngCompensator
Icon attach Muzzle FlashHider Large.pngFlash Hider 
Icon attach Muzzle Suppressor Large.pngSuppressor 

Sights -‎

Icon attach Upper Aimpoint2X 01.png2x Aimpoint Scope
Icon attach Upper 3x.png3x Backlit Scope
Icon attach Upper ACOG 01.png4x ACOG Scope
Icon attach Upper 6x.png6x Scope
Icon attach Upper Canted sight.pngCanted sight
Icon attach Upper Holosight.pngHolographic Sight
Icon attach Upper DotSight 01.pngRed Dot Sight

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